Pink Opal Gems, Genuine Pink Opal From Peru


Pink opal gemstones are not very common, this probably is due to the high pitched media exposure given to other opal types.  When Kaisilver released the pink opal gem collection through their online gem resource Directstones, many fashion experts commented that these could not be genuine! They claimed to know everything about opals and even boasted of big connections in the Australian opal industry. The interesting thing is that, they were looking in the wrong place and were giving too much of importance to the fact that Australia is often referred to as the 'Opal Country'. There are natural pink opal gemstones and these are mined far away from Australia in Peru. Since we procure these opals directly from the mines, we know about the color and authenticity of pink opal stones. These gems are a serene whitish pink in color, you could describe them as a pastel shade of pink. In this section we will share some important and useful information related to Pink Opals from Peru.

The POP-01 is a custom cut pink opal gem stone. You can see the pastel pink color of the stone, rest assured that the color is natural and the gemstone genuine. ... more.  


We will now discuss a few features of pink opal gems. The belief that all opal stones should show color play or color flashes is proved wrong by this pretty pink opal. The color of pink opal gems is a plain pink, the more even the color spread the more beautiful and valuable the gem stone. While whitish pink is the right description for the color of pink opals, you should not accept gems that have clear cut white and pink portions. A gradual shade difference between pink and very pink is more acceptable and infact adds interest and dimension to the gem.


If you slice a piece of rough pink opal, you will see that the portion towards the center has the best color spread, this is what Kaisilver selects and custom cuts. As you move towards the surface of the rough stone, you will notice an increasingly white color domination, expect to find surrounding stone pits or cracks too. Since we custom cut each single pink opal stone, the cutter is able to take off (cleave off) the unwanted or less pretty portions of the stone. The cutter is also fully aware that no color enhancement process is going to be applied to cover up any flaws in the gem stone.


Like most pink opal gems, this piece is also cut with a smooth cabachon style and no facets. Procuring gems from Kaisilver or Directstones means that the gems are custom cut, you can therefore request for a faceted cushion or oval cut pink opal stone too. However you should know that, adding facets to the stone means that, the possibility of cracks or scratches along the facet lines is more likely. This might not be much of an issue if you plan to get a pink opal pendant or a pair of pink opal earrings. But, in the case of pink opal rings or pink opal bracelets, the degree of wear and tear might be better handled with smooth cabachon cut opals.

So you can now safely presume that pink opal stones do exist. It is also true that pink opals have that scintillating pink color right from the moment that they are mined. At the same time, you do get fake pink opals and natural pink opal stones that are treated for color enhancement. This is very sad but true.


In their continuing quest for higher margins through lower costs, even large gem and jewelry houses resort to cheap gimmicks and games. By using a maximum portion of the pink opal rough, the gem cutter ends up with stones that can be patchy, pitted or even cracked. The jeweler tries to make use of all these stones, as it reduces the overall cost of the gem. To be able to do this, various color enhancement processes are applied on the pink opal stone. None of them care to explain the effect of these processes on longterm durability of color stability of the treated stone. You should therefore ensure that you pick your pink opal gem from a reputed gem provider.


Another sad story is about fake pink opals. These can be outright factory made junk or even include other natural gems that are treated and made to look like pink opal gem stones. Once again, scant respect to buyer interests is given. The whole idea is to hope that the buyer makes an impulse purchase without checking all related issues. Bad elements are present in every industry and the gems and jewelry segment is no exception. It is upto the buyer to select the right source and ensure that the right merchandise is delivered at the right price.


This is a large pink opal gem from Peru. Mined in Peru and custom cut by some of the best gem cutters in the industry ... more.  


When talking about any interesting gemstone, one question that needs to be answered relates to the gem sizes available. Pink opals are interesting gems and this question needs to be answered too.

One of the best things about pink opals is that they are affordable. If you had to work an equation between beauty, authenticity and price, this opal from Peru would come out a winner. While continued mining might change the situation, as of now you can get large pink opal gems in the 4 to 6 carat range at very reasonable prices. Put the price side by side with the beauty, size of the gem and a buying decision becomes easy to make.


Close on the heels of the affordable price of pink opals comes another interesting note. Movie stars and the rich and famous prefer to wear expensive and extravagant gemstone jewelry. It therefore comes as  a refreshing surprise to see the number of high quality tahitian pearl necklaces made with pink opal beads. Fashion models, movie stars can be seen wearing these jewels. The local TV awards in France draws the best in fashion during the show. A young starlet was seen with an entire pink opal gemstone set. Each of the pink opals was carved to look like a shell.


The price points of pink opal gems ensures that, they can be set in gold or 925 sterling silver jewelry. Few or no other opal types can boast of this. Directstones custom cuts every pink opal to the shape and size that you need. The website lists a few examples, putting up all the permutations and combinations about shape, size and cut would not be possible. Get into the website here, and choose opals from the right column menu.


If you have any queries related to gems or jewelry, feel free to email our support team at We will not try to make a sale to you but rather, provide you with information and suggestions that will guide you to make the right decision. We can provide just the gem stone or custom make an entire jewel for you. Other opals that we can provide include, white opal, black opal, green opal and ofcourse fire opal.


The opal rings collection from Kaisilver can be custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. These rings can be made with any opal type that you wish including pink opal. You can ofcourse end us images or sketches of your famous jewelry designs, we will be glad to custom make them for you in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice.


The Directstones online gem resource is maintained by Kaisilver. The objective of this gem resource is to provide small jewelers and jewelry designers with the gems that they need. We do not expect big order values or volumes, even single piece orders are welcome. We wish to bring a high degree of customization for gems just like we did for jewelry.