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Pendants are special jewels, they can have meaning and significance, they can take your style statement to the next level and they make tremendous gifts. A custom pendant is what  you should aim for, Kaisilver recommends a gold or 925 silver pendant tailor made to include all your preferences. When choosing a pendant, give a thought to the dimensions of the piece. A pendant with a simple concept and moderate size is more likely to be suited for formal and informal occasions. While you could have a plain silver or gold pendant with no gems, there is no doubt that stones including diamonds add a new dimension to a pendant. You could pick a gem based on color or go for your favorite gemstone. It is also possible to make a special connection to your pendant by choosing a birthstone or some other gem, that has a meaning to you. Beliefs and traditions attached to gems are often born thousands of years ago. You might have heard that, a garnet pendant can boost confidence and inspire creativity. Many crystal healers recommend wearing an emerald pendant to help build, maintain and repair relationships. Kaisilver can custom make a pendant for you with your design or ours, you can even send in design images or sketches of your own. We also allow you to pick the stone or diamond of your choice, there is no need to limit your selection to what is mentioned on our website. Get in touch with our experts at if you wish to  discuss any issue related to gems and jewelry. 

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gold or silver pendants made to order