Bridal Gemstone Rings

The trend for gemstone bridal jewelry has never been so robust, so what happened to the age old tradition of diamond bridal rings. The fact is that today's brides expect some kind of individuality for their bridal jewelry, diamond rings have become way to common - design concepts are very predictable. On the other hand, gemstones bring a breath of fresh air to these special occasion jewels. Besides a wide spectrum of colors, colored gems also facilitate fancy gem shapes and cuts. In certain cases, gemstone engagement rings could be priced lower than diamond engagement rings too but, there are some interesting exceptions to that. For example, gems like emeralds, rubies, sapphires and alexandrite can cost you dollars that could get you a diamond ring. A significant proportion of couples shopping for bridal gem stone rings, are not attracted merely by lower price points. The British Royalty has not once but twice demonstrated that, class and style in bridal jewelry do not always need to lean on diamond extravaganzas. Lady Diana showed the way by wearing a stunning sapphire diamond engagement ring and more recently, Kate Middleton went through the matrimonial ceremonies wearing a sapphire ring too. Most of you would be aware that, the blue sapphire in Kate's ring actually came from the late Lady Diana's ring. Knowledge and interest related to gemstones has made great strides, buyers are aware that nature gifted us with many more gems besides, diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. Sophisticated brides are giving preference to gems that are exotic and romancing finer details like, unique gem mining locations etc. The RG175 claddagh ring from Kaisilver is a tremendous choice for a wedding or engagement ring. This heart shaped green tourmaline ring, packs meaning and tradition that goes back to more than three centuries. 

Tanzanite is a gemstone that is unique in many respects. A marriage is the union of two unique hearts which will soon beat as one. There seems to be no better way to symbolize the memorable event with a bridal ring set with a gem that is mined in just one location on our planet - Tanzanite. Slide a tanzanite engagement ring on her finger and she would proudly wear a gem that is rarer than a diamond. While we have a fine tanzanite ring collection, the RG214 white gold or yellow gold tanzanite diamond ring has some features that make it ideally suited for a bridal ring. Shown as a white gold tanzanite ring, this jewel is sturdy, streamlined and comfortable to wear. The round tanzanite gem in the RG214 ring is modestly sizer and this, works to your advantage. Since tanzanite is clubbed in the 'expensive' gem category, the price per carat rises sharply as the gem size increases. By crafting this tanzanite engagement ring with a moderately sized gem we have been in a position to offer a good quality gem at an affordable price. A larger gem would also be more prone to be struck by physical impact. The price tag on this gorgeous ring is a lot less than what most of you would pay for a bridal ring but, the jewel lacks nothing in terms of style, gem quality, durability and craftsmanship. One reason why bridal jewelry buyers prefer gemstones to diamonds relates to, the historic tradition of birthstones. Setting a birthstone in a bridal ring or even exchanging birthstones is considered to be a good way to build loyalty and closeness between the husband and wife. If you happen to be looking for a birthstone engagement ring, tanzanite would serve your purpose if you were born in the month of December. The birthstone charts listed turquoise and blue zircon as December birthstones for many decades. In the year 2002 December babies were gifted with another exotic gem for their birthstone - tanzanite. Since this gemstone has been discovered fairly recently, folklore and customs surrounding it are limited. Kaisilver can custom make your tanzanite engagement ring with your design concept too - yellow, white and rose gold are the gold color options that you could choose from. And for all you silver jewelry lovers, you would be glad to know that we provide the same quality for both gold and 925 silver jewelry. 

Ruby has been an all time favorite, a gemstone that has represented the wealth and status of royals throughout history. Not so long ago, bridal gemstone rings never looked beyond ruby, sapphire and emerald but, the rarity of fine quality rubies and the atrociously high prices that they command has changed the minds of jewelry buyers. But for those of you who are still totally set on getting a ruby engagement ring, the Kaisilver RG138 ruby diamond ring is a good buy. The color red is generally associated with love and loyalty, and no gemstone has a more desirable red as compared to rubies. By designing a ruby bridal ring that has a modestly sized (8x6mm) oval ruby gem and two (2.5mm) round glittering diamonds, we have managed to deliver luxury at a price that is just around 2,500 U.S$. While it is a true that the finest Burmese ruby can cost at least 50% more, you really need not go broke shopping for your bridal ring. And if you are rightly worried about the sophisticated and confusing treatments that are today being applied to the queen of red gemstones, we will gladly provided a gem authenticity certificate for a small additional charge of 50 U.S$. Rubies and sapphires have been historically heat treated to improve their color and clarity, the treatment is accepted by gem experts and does not compromise the durability of the gemstone in any way. The ruby bridal ring that we provide will also be set with a heat treated ruby, no other gimmicks and technical jargon. The gem authentication certificate will clearly mention that the stone is natural and heat treated. When you review the ring, pay attention to the simple but stylish design too. You could request for the same design concept while selecting the gemstone of your choice. You can also request for your ruby bridal ring to be made with the design and metal of your choice, you have 14k or 18k gold in yellow, white or pink color to choose from. And if you wish to follow the growing trend for sterling silver bridal jewelry, you will be pleased to know that we provide the same quality for both silver and gold requirements. Our ruby ring collection will give you more design ideas and equip you with some high utility information related to ruby rings. 

Sapphire is a close cousin of ruby, both these very famous gems originate in the corundum mineral family. And if you wondered why most famous sapphire rings in history were set with blue sapphire, the answer is simple - it was only with the development of gemological sciences that the gemstone world learnt of the existence of sapphire in colors besides blue. Today's bridal scene is about color, jewelry, wedding gowns, shoes and even bridal hair are all keen to flash color. Pink is a favorite with girls and ladies so, a bridal ring with a pink sapphire gem should please many. The RG233 pink sapphire ring is elegant and sturdy, the good metal weight and sturdy bezel setting for the square gem ensure that you enjoy decades of worry free wear. And if you are looking for a bridal ring that is of a heritage standard, you will require a gem like ruby and sapphire that have excellent hardness and toughness. Kaisilver rings are crafted with a metal weight that can be as high as, 40% to 60% more than what other jewelers would invest. This ensures that your pink sapphire ring does not bend or deform easily, it also means that the ring is more smooth inside and comfortable to wear. And if you prefer to have a sapphire bridal ring that stays with the more conventional blue sapphire, we will be glad to customize the ring with a blue sapphire or any other gemstone that you wish. Available as a gold or 925 silver pink sapphire ring, we offer you two gold karatage options - 14k and 18k, our recommendation is 14k as it strikes the right balance between gold content and metal hardness. The choice of a yellow or white gold sapphire bridal ring would depend on you, the pink gold choice is also available. Pink is one color that will look equally graceful in all metal colors, so just follow your mind. The Kaisilver sapphire engagement ring collection will introduce you to some awesome ideas, design features can be customized for all rings and we could even create a jewel from your own design concept. 

So if the bridal ring scene has come to embrace color, why not go a bit further and relish on unique style and design too. The RG224 sapphire ring has a nature based design and craftsmanship of the highest standard. And if you really want to add spice and life to your sapphire bridal ring the good news is that, we do not saddle you with just blue sapphire - there is pink, yellow and orange sapphire to choose from. Our designers came up with an even better suggestion, combine sapphire colors in your bridal ring. You could alternate blue and pink sapphires in the same ring, or even blue and yellow sapphires. Style conscious brides are opening up and stepping over conventions and when, it relates to jewelry and dress no one seems to be complaining. We did talk about long term durability for bridal jewelry, this comes naturally to this sapphire ring. Diamonds are considered to be the hardest stones to be used in jewelry, rubies and sapphire come a close second. You could be aware that colored gemstones in bridal rings are not tied to ruby, sapphire and emerald. So work within your budget and discuss other gem options too, aquamarine, tourmaline, iolite and tanzanite are all possible options. At Kaisilver we do not expect you to work with any limitations, design, size, gemstones and metal are all up to you. What we seriously advise is for you to stay within your budget, do not get into any expensive mood just to stay competitive - do not let your relationship rock with financial debt. With shaky world economies and national debts it seems perfectly fine to keep your target on a ring that will cost you no more than 2,500 U.S$ to 3,000 U.S$. If you really are keen on a lavish diamond ring, keep that as a gift for one of the happy anniversaries to come, plan for the event and try to keep money aside for the big dollar item. Review more options in our sapphire engagement ring collection, get inspired with design elements and learn what to expect. 

While the bridal ring trend is widening it's horizons to include virtually every color of the rainbow, many brides will not stray from the historic 'big 3' gems - ruby, emerald and sapphire. The RG212 emerald gold or silver ring offers a nice jewel at a surprisingly modest price. This emerald ring is available in 14k or 18k gold and you can always request for the white, yellow or rose gold option. And remember that, the silver emerald ring is lavished with the same quality of craftsmanship and gemstones. One of the most ardent fans of emerald in history was the ravishing Cleopatra. That some of her 'emeralds' were tested many decades later and found to be peridot, is another story! With green symbolizing a cordial relationship and positive growth, many of you might choose an emerald ring for an engagement. The popular trend of choosing birthstones for bridal gemstone jewelry might encourage you to choose this green gem if you were born in the month of May - emerald happens to be the birthstone for this month. If you happen to come across an emerald bridal ring with an eye clean emerald gem, take a good look at the gem and request for an expert view - emeralds are always formed with visible inclusions and fissures, features that emerald lovers refer to as birthmarks of the gemstone. It is true that these characteristics give a unique identity and personality to each emerald gem but, they also negatively affect the durability of the gem. So be prepared to provide some protective care to your emerald ring, this would be required when wearing, cleaning or storing the jewel. If you decide to choose an emerald ring just because of it's green color, you could consider green tourmaline for it's higher toughness and durability. Our emerald ring collection showcases some gorgeous rings and can inspire you to choose a design that suits your style and personality.


Aquamarine reminds you of the peace and calm of the ocean, and that is exactly where it gets it's name from. Interestingly this gemstone and emerald come from the same mineral family, beryl. Unlike emerald, aquamarine does not necessarily form with natural inclusions and fissures that compromise it's toughness. Your engagement aquamarine ring could take quite good care of itself, just make sure that you don't bang it against hard surfaces. A pale blue gemstone, aquamarine is appreciated for it's pastel color and impressive clarity. You could specifically request for an aquamarine ring with a gem that has a much darker (medium blue) color but, prepared to pay a premium price for that. The RG125u Kaisilver aquamarine diamond ring, shows a fine jewel with a rectangular gemstone and two princess cut diamonds. In general a bridal gemstone ring with an aquamarine gem in the 2-4 carat range should ideally be eye clean. While darker blues from the Santa Maria mines in Brazil can deliver both clarity and color, the gems are way too expensive for most budgets. There is an alternative though, Sri Lankan aquamarine can be fairly color saturated but you will need to accept some inclusions and fissures in the stone. Presuming that you will pick your bridal ring from a reputed jeweler, you can discuss aquamarine color, clarity and price before placing the order. A custom bridal aquamarine ring will give you better leverage in terms of specific features including gem color, but to take advantage of this you will need to start preparing for the custom jewel at least 8 to 10 weeks before the required date. Diamonds are often used to split the metal and gemstone look, the glitter of diamond helps draw interest to the classic pastel look of the aquamarine gemstone. In the RG125u aquamarine engagement ring shown above you could request for the diamonds to be replaced with blue sapphire, ruby, pink tourmaline or any other gem of your choice. 

Kaisilver Bridal Rings: As one of the leading online providers of fine custom made jewelry, we can custom make your bridal gemstone ring with your design or ours. Our team of support experts can be contacted at to answer any questions or clear any doubts that you might have. With direct access to millions of carats of gems in mining sites across the globe, we provide you an unlimited choice of gemstones. Since we cut each stone for every jewel that we make, the shape, size and cut can also be selected by you.