August Birthstone Peridot

The birthstone charts show just one birthstone for the month and this is peridot. The fresh lime green color of peridot always seems to take one closer to nature - and this is something that makes the August birthstone appeal to both men and ladies. It is well known that Cleopatra adored emeralds but there is an interesting fact related to her 'emeralds'. Many of the gems that she thought were emeralds, turned out to be peridot. Peridot might have been mistaken for emerald but, both these gems are gorgeous and attractive in their own way. The oldest known source for peridot the August birthstone, was on an island in the Red sea and this was located off the Egyptian coast. The island of Zagbargad was known to be a source for the finest peridot mining was first done at least 3,500 to 4,000 years ago. You will now understand why, some of these peridot gems sneaked into Cleopatra's 'emerald' collection. If you had to go by volume of peridot production today, it is the gemstone from Arizona and China that satisfies peridot demand. 

Naming a gemstone has often been an interesting practice, gems are rarely referred to by their mineral name. The mineral olivine when found in gem quality is called peridot. It is still not very clear why the August birthstone was named peridot. While some experts claim that, the name is derived from the French word 'peritot' - which means unclear, others feel that the Arabic word 'faridat' is more likely to have inspired the name peridot. Faridat in Arabic means 'gem'.

The color of peridot is very distinct and though confusion with other green gems is not completely eliminated, a little gem knowledge will help clear things. As we mentioned earlier, peridot is a green gemstone. But what really adds to the universal appeal of this August birthstone is the hint of yellow that sneaks into the green. There is an interesting piece of information here related to the color of peridot gems. The peridot mined in China and Arzona show clearly visible tones of yellow in the green but, peridot from Pakistan and Burma can often be found with a full green color and no secondary tones. 

So you are now aware that peridot the birthstone for the month of August is today mined in Arizona (U.S), China, Pakistan and Burma - so which of these are the most preferred. Without trying to sell you anything, we will try to come up with a logical reasoning that should help you make you make up your mind. Just remember not to strain your budget too much, when making a purchase.

If you expect your August birthstone to wear a yellowish-green color then, Arizona and China should be the source for your peridot gemstones. On the other hand if you wish to have an almost pure green tone for your peridot gem, then Pakistan and Burma are more likely to satisfy your requirements. These suggestions might sound to be simple and easy to implement but, in real life there is another issu and that relates to price and economics.

When it comes to the retail price of peridot gems, there is a huge price variation depending on the origin of the peridot gem. If you are on a limited budget, we would suggest that you choose the most economically priced gem without compromising on clarity, color uniformity and overall beauty. Though the exact price of the gem would depend on a number of factors including, size, shape, color, quantity purchased and clarity - we can try to give you a fair estimate of price variations.

A 3 to 4 carat peridot gemstone with good color, clarity and cut can cost around 20 U.S$ to 30 U.S$ per carat if the gem was mined in China or Arizona. However a similar gem but, with little or no yellowish color tint from Pakistan or Burma can be priced as high as 75 U.S$ to 125 U.S$ per carat.

From the view point of being an August birthstone, a natural peridot gem from any mine on our planet would have the same degree of significance and meaning. You should therefore give a good thought before, spending a big amount on a specific peridot gem based merely on where it was mined. This evaluation would surely not be necessary if you have a substantial budget allocated for your peridot birthstone.

Caring for peridot gems is not very complicated. Keep two things in mind, the first is that every gem has some specific physical properties that need to be taken care of when wearing or cleaning the gem. The second important thing is that, you should never allow your jewelry to be hit by hard objects or strike against hard surfaces. This is true of not only jewelry with the August birthstone but, all types of plain, gemstone or diamond jewelry.

When wearing your peridot birthstone jewel, make sure that it is not struck by physical impact. Basically it might be a good idea to take off your peridot ring when doing heavy physical activity. An interesting fact is that, earrings and pendants go through far less rigorous wear and tear as compared to rings and bracelets. So you could go for a pendant or a pair of earrings with the August birthstone.

If you plan to get a peridot gemstone ring as a birthstone jewel for the month of August, here is some valuable advice. The design of the ring, the metal weight assigned to it and even the way in which the gemstone is mounted can influence the overall durability of the jewel.  You might notice that most Kaisilver peridot rings are conceptualized with, a bezel setting for the peridot gemstone. This type of setting borders the entire gemstone with a slim metal edge protecting the gem from side impact. The bezel setting for a gemstone also ensures a much more secure gem mounting. A gemstone with a low profile that does not significantly bulge from the surface of the ring, is also less likely to hit against objects and surfaces.

When storing peridot birthstone jewelry or any other jewel, use a jewelry box that provides a small padded compartment for each jewel. This will ensure that the jewels do not hit against each other and get scratched. Clean water, a very soft toothbrush and a tiny amount of very mild soap is all that you should need and use, to clean your August birthstone jewel. And if you find that the above means cannot clean your peridot jewel, take the help of a professional jeweler to get the cleaning job done. If you select a silver jewel with a peridot birthstone, you can use any jewelry grade silver polish lotion or fabric to polish the jewel.

We do hope that this report on the August birthstone has raised your interest and knowledge in this amazing natural gemstone. Should you require any more information or clarifications, please email our expert team at We will be glad to help even if the communication is not poised to get us a sale. 

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