Tanzanite, Amazing Beauty And Versatility

The beauty of tanzanite has been universally recognized and yet,  the gemstone has been known to humans only for the last few decades. The gem belongs to the zoisite mineral family and is generally a darkish yellow-brown-green color when mined. The rough stone is heated to turn it into the scintillating violet-blue range of colors, this is the tanzanite that we all know about. As you admire the beauty of this African gemstone, learn a few things about its occurrence and rarity and you will surely adore the gem even more. The universal appeal of tanzanite runs across genders, nations, complexions and ages. Looking at it another way, the color of tanzanite is such that it looks awesome in every metal color that is represented in conventional jewelry. While gems like diamonds, rubies and sapphires have been known for many centuries and perhaps even, for a few thousand years, tanzanite was found only in 1967. It is undoubtedly the rarity of the gemstone that has resulted in such a late find. A small strip of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is the only place on earth where tanzanite is mined. Experts agree that this gem is rarer than ruby, sapphire, emerald and even diamonds. Some even go to the extent of putting that in an objective sense and claim that, tanzanite is at least 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. In the remaining portion of this report, we will discuss the various ideas and concepts that can involve tanzanite gemstone rings. 

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While it is not mandatory to encrust diamonds in a tanzanite ring, a sprinkling of small diamonds does add white sparkle to the violet-blue beauty. On a lighter note, people who still believe that diamonds are the rarest stones to be used in jewelry - including both diamonds and tanzanite in the same ring helps cool down the debate! The RG225 Tanzanite Diamond Ring, boasts of a classic custom cut marquise tanzanite gemstone. While diamonds are available in colors other than white, no other diamond color seems to justify its presence in a tanzanite gold or 925 silver ring. When choosing diamond tanzanite rings, make sure that the focus and attention remains on the tanzanite gem, let the diamonds do a small sparkle dance as a backdrop. 

As we had mentioned earlier, the universal appeal of tanzanite has impressed men too. The fact that tanzanite gets to be significantly more expensive (per carat) as the gem size moves up, makes it necessary to use some innovative design ideas when finalizing the concept for men's tanzanite gem stone rings. The MAN64T Men's Tanzanite Ring is available in gold or 925 sterling silver. The dimensions of the ring are impressive and broad even though, the gem size is a modest 9x7mm oval. You should review the Kaisilver Gents Tanzanite Ring Collection, and understand the quality features that make a good and sturdy tanzanite ring for men.

Tanzanite is all set to become one of the most preferred stones for engagement and wedding rings. With young couples exploring beyond the conventional 'diamond engagement ring' for the all important jewel, colored gems are becoming strong favorites. 

While it is true that ruby, sapphire and emerald have continued to dominate the market when it comes to jewels with special meaning and significance, knowledgeable buyers are realizing that some important characteristics of tanzanite seem to perfectly match the symbolism of an engagement or wedding. Check out our resource on Tanzanite Engagement Rings and get to know why, this African gem is ideally suited for an engagement. You will also get introduced to some tremendous concepts suitable for the occasion. And as always, we welcome your own design ideas and sketches too. 

Style gurus have labelled the Kaisilver RG143 Tanzanite Claddagh Ring as one of the finest concepts for a gold or 925 silver tanzanite ring. The claddagh ring has a history that dates back to around 4 centuries, the time was when slavery was rampant. The touching story tells of a humble Irish slave named Robert Joyce, who made the ring to show his beloved just how much he loved here. We have combined the centuries old jewel with a modern and scintillating gemstone, tanzanite. 

It is not very often that the conventional birthstone charts are altered but, the popularity and beauty of tanzanite seemed to justify such a modification. In the year 2002, this gorgeous gem was added as one of the birthstone options for the month of December. This month now boasts of not one but three stunning gems with a blue hue, turquoise, blue zircon and tanzanite. 

With quality conscious jewelry lovers becoming increasingly interested in fine silver jewelry, it is easy to understand why the demand for 925 silver tanzanite rings has shown a healthy rise. The timeless appeal of silver rubs shoulders with a gemstone that is contemporary and spectacular. While the MAN121 Men's 925 Silver Tanzanite Ring is a tremendous example of well designed and crafted silver tanzanite ring, it is not just men who are embracing the classic appeal of  silver. Take a look at the 925 Silver Tanzanite Ring Collection, and you will appreciate the high quality workmanship and innovative designs presented in the collection. Kaisilver has always provided fine craftsmanship and handpicked gems for both gold and sterling silver jewelry. 

Tanzanite is an awesome gemstone, take a few moments to understand the main characteristics of this beauty and you will have its sparkling company for years and decades to come. Every gem has its own properties that need to be considered when wearing, cleaning and storing it. Just keep in mind that you are dealing with one of the amazing creations of mother nature. This report on Caring For Tanzanite Rings, should put you on the right track. It is generally applicable to both gold and 925 silver tanzanite rings.